Legion Embraces Its Final Chapter – Zombies in My Blog

Series Finales can be tricky things. Fans expect to have all their questions regarding their favorite TV shows answered and each of their favorite characters neatly wrapped up within a limited amount of time, while filmmakers, at times, simply use the episodes to pose scenarios for a better tomorrow, not really resolving anything. Unfortunately, Showrunner Noah Hawley chose the latter scenario for Legion, and now fans can only imagine what could have been an epic conclusion regarding these Marvel characters, brought to life by the FX Network. Technically, “Chapter 27” is the series finale, but I prefer the previous episode, Continue Reading

Zombie Tidal Wave’s Tropical Terrors – Zombies in My Blog

Much like Syfy’s advertisement screaming about the recently aired over-the-top tropical horror movie, I also wondered, “What took so long to come up with this?” Up from the depths at the bottom of the sea (Or is it a lake or possibly an ocean? We’re never really told where exactly Emrys Bay is located.) an unknown menace arises. Apparently a recent earthquake has brought a small town’s shame to light… which eventually leads to a Zombie tsunami. Thus, Ian Zierling’s back where he seemingly feels at ease: Starring in ridiculously fun B-movies on Syfy. With the Sharknado franchise wrapping up Continue Reading

Who Watches The Watchmen? No One After Seeing Amazon’s The Boys! – Zombies in My Blog

Alan Moore’s epic comic book series, Watchmen, painted a very dark look at the lives of superheroes. Up until then, people didn’t put much thought into the “behind the mask” world that superheroes lived. We didn’t think anything but “superhero = good” and “villain = bad.” And thus, heroes were infallible. They exuded virtuosity 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. The Watchmen series changed all that. It showed a darker view of superheroes. It showed that they were, at times, completely the opposite of virtuous. Sometimes they used their powers for personal gain. Sometimes Continue Reading

Good Boys is Superbad For Tweens – Zombies in My Blog

Per MattWhat does a missing drone, stolen illegal drugs and a kissing party have in common? Each one involves the Beanbag boys, who star in the hilarious, raunchy comedy, Good Boys. And they are good… to an extent. Sixth-graders Max (Jacob Tremblay), Thor (Brady Noon) and Lucas (Keith L. Williams) just want to fit in with the cool kids at their school, but it seems this by-all-means-necessary attempt at social climbing escalates on an epic day of bad decisions. It’s absolutely Superbad for tweens — even though that audience is not old enough to watch the film — and I Continue Reading

Infamy – Zombies in My Blog

In Japanese literature, kaidan are ghost tales which may include spirits with strong desires. And according to Wikipedia, these folk tales feature supernatural elements that “bring an old-fashioned air into the story.” That’s a pretty basic description of The Terror: Infamy, but it’s also pretty accurate. Superstitions are canon in this second-year series. While the previous season was based on a historical novel with supernatural activity, Season 2 is not related, story-wise. The Terror has now become an anthology series and the franchise has become better because of it. Previously, the show featured numerous British actors starving in the Arctic, Continue Reading

Family Ties Bring Out the Best of Final Space – Zombies in My Blog

Through 15 episodes, Final Space has created bizarre situations for its characters, along with some pretty good laughs, but the animated galactic sci-fi show shines when it deals with family ties. In fact, its sad episodes are much more effective than its over-the-top funny adventures. So, what can we expect for the rest of Season 2? Gary is still super goofy, but he’s slowly learning how to become a superhero. The moments when he’s allowed to be himself are when the character really shines, such as his infectious Kenny Loggins dance break that gets everyone aboard his ship grooving to Continue Reading


As you probably know, most universities don’t offer a degree in zombie research; at least not yet! But our official Advisory Board consists of scientists, authors, and academics committed to the real-life research of zombies and the living dead. Which is why we try to do everything that we can to educate, entertain, and encourage the next generation of zombie researchers. So the Zombie Research Society is very honored to announce that author T.J. Resler chose to feature us in her wonderful upcoming children’s book Nerd A to Z: Your Reference to Literally Figuratively Everything You’ve Always Wanted to Know, Continue Reading

Upcoming TWD Spin-Off Crashes Down Into Virginia – Zombies in My Blog

What happens after the world no longer needs Rick Grimes? We will find out when the third Walking Dead series debuts on AMC during Spring of 2020. But until then, we can only assume what kind of storyline the spin-off series will include. Here’s what we know about this upcoming show so far… Technically, it still doesn’t have an official title yet, however, shooting scripts have included Monument as its working title. The Richmond Times-Dispatch has some pretty great set photos of the production, which is being filmed and based in Virginia. Initially, we had some first thoughts about this upcoming Continue Reading

The End is Near for Preacher – Zombies in My Blog

Whether it’s judgement day, doomsday or simply the Apocalypse, the end is near for Preacher. Figuratively and literally. Jesse Custer and his crew have gotten themselves into trouble, yet again and God toys with the idea of starting Armageddon. Sadly, much like Legion, this is also the final season for Preacher, so you should expect balls-to-the-walls storylines getting even more ridiculous than Season 3. Is that even possible? At the conclusion of last year’s events (Once Again, Preacher Defies Definition as a TV Show), Allfather’s dead, Humperdoo’s wandering out there somewhere and Herr Starr has captured Cassidy as a trap laid for Continue Reading

Dark Secrets Haunt Perpetual Grace, LTD – Zombies in My Blog

Per MattLife is complicated, and as the characters of the EPIX TV show learn the hard way, nothing ever happens according to plan. Eventually, though, they get into the rhythm of Season 1 in Perpetual Grace, LTD, which only leads to bigger problems down the line. By the time the season finale, “A Sheriff in the Era of the Cartel” wraps, four ex-cons and a corrupt Mexican cop learn their lessons the hard way. It all goes down at the funeral of Ma and Pa, which is where the episode ends in an epic cliffhanger… especially since those two characters Continue Reading

Adapting a Supernatural Horror Story, the NOS4A2 Way – Zombies in My Blog

Knives, bridges, dark tunnels, strong creatives and inscapes. Even if you watched the entire first season of NOS4A2, you may still be confused about everything previously listed. And you wouldn’t be alone. But after 10 episodes, the AMC TV show featuring a different kind of vampire story has moved its initial storyline forward, but in the process, our hero hasn’t made a whole lot of progress in her battle against immortal dark forces. It’s true, the pilot was a hot mess, but a lot of information was introduced from Joe Hill’s book series. As the season progressed, things started making Continue Reading


Zombie fans have become used to heavy-handed commentary, political themes, and social criticism. But sometimes it’s okay for zombie movies to be mindless entertainment; to revel in the goofy and ridiculous. That’s why we’re more than happy to share the brand new trailer for Zombie Tidal Wave from producer Ian Ziering and Sharknado director Anthony C. Ferrante. Obviously the film hasn’t been released yet, so we really can’t say what to expect. Maybe they will touch on themes like global warming, overfishing, critical depensation, or environmental encroachment; but we seriously doubt it. In fact, most of us really, really hope Continue Reading

What’s the Sequel Limit for Michael Myers? – Zombies in My Blog

Per MattIf you don’t believe in the bogeyman by now… you should. And he’s damn near unstoppable. The Saga of Michael Myers and Laurie Strode returns for not one, but two more movies to wrap up the reboot trilogy, and I keep wondering what the sequel limit could possibly be for the Halloween film franchise in the distant future… By and large, I’m a fan of the legendary filmmaker John Carpenter and I’m very excited about the news that Michael Myers shall return for a pair of selective sequels. I’m also a superfan of Jason Blum’s Blumhouse Productions, so to Continue Reading

Double Tap – Zombies in My Blog

Obviously, it’s time to nut up or shut up… again. I was extremely excited to watch the Zombieland: Double Tap teaser trailer that was released last week, but after rewatching it on multiple occasions, I’ve got four burning questions that must be asked about the upcoming movie. Thankfully, no one was recast out of the four principal actors from the previous movie. The original crew returns intact, and the filmmakers are proud to boast that each of them has been nominated for an Academy Award — Emma Stone is the only actor of the bunch who has won the award; Continue Reading