When To Leave The City

If you got trapped in the city or decided to wait it out as the mass of people tried to flee at some point you will have to leave the city’s and large towns for somewhere more remote. You might have a pretty secure base with a good group of survivors with you but as time goes if you are in a city the number of zombies at or near your base will be too many. If  zombies close in on your base apart from the danger to you as well as your group it also makes it harder and, Continue Reading

Things Start To Break Down

As things such as the power grid and other utilities are not monitored or repaired they will begin to break down as power outages from things such as downed power lines will spread. People you meet will be more desperate when gathering supplies so hopefully by now you have weapons to protect yourself. There is also likely to be groups of people that have banded together to protect themselves but you as an outside have to be careful once you see these groups; The groups could be friendly or just as easily be hostile and want to take your supplies Continue Reading

The First Few Hours

After the general population realizes about the zombie threat the first thing they will do is grab family members and then try to flee.  The problem is most Americans live in big cities where traffic isn’t the greatest and not always easy to get around. Now imagine everyone that hasn’t turned in to a zombie getting on the road at the same time trying to escape the cities.  The traffic in many cities such as Los Angeles will be gridlock and then add to that crashed cars blocking the road because of being stopped by zombies or in accidents as Continue Reading