You may recognize the name of author John L. Davis IV from his popular American Revenant novels. We actually reviewed his previous series right here on our official website! But Davis has recently teamed up with the founder of the Zombie Apocalypse Survival Camp, outdoors man, and fellow author Guy Cain for his brand new post-apocalyptic thriller Tales of Junction.

The novel itself is an interesting take the inevitable apocalypse, survivalists, and even zombies themselves. The undead are given a surprising amount of thought; the description of their physical transformation and appearance varies so greatly that it could almost be considered an evolution of the living dead. But perhaps the most interesting character is Junction itself.

It isn’t much to look at. Little more than a collection of burned out vehicles and rickety buildings inhabited by some of the worst that humanity has ever offered up. To be honest, there isn’t much humanity left. Those of us who survive in this place do whatever it takes to get by. It is rarely pleasant, but few things are in our world.

Life inside the walls of Junction is safe only by comparison. Outside is a wasteland of inhabited predominately by the dead. the few people who live out there do so only because they aren’t welcome in our little community of scoundrels and whores…

Perhaps this isn’t the best praise, but Tales of Junction often feels like a great video game adaptation. The attention to detail; weapon upgrades, looting strategies, survival skills… even Junction itself feels like a save room at times. There are side quests, dangerous missions, and difficult decisions that prompt the reader to fully immerse themselves like any brilliant RPG.

No doubt that some of this realism is courtesy of survivalist and author Guy Cain, who has a tremendous amount of real-life experience due to his numerous Zombie Apocalypse Survival Camp events and workshops. But John L. Davis IV brings the same compelling narrative talent seen in his previous American Revenant series; resulting in a wonderful collaboration!

There isn’t a tremendous amount of gore for a zombie novel. But if you’re a fan of survivalist fiction, or maybe a gamer looking for a quick read this Halloween – we definitely recommend Tales of Junction! It’s currently available online via Amazon both in Kindle and paperback versions… or just swing by the official American Revenant website for more information!

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