The Zombie Research Society recently teamed up with author Ruth Owen and the fine folks at Bearport Publishing to produce four amazing new children’s books that we hope will educate, entertain, and encourage the next generation of zombie researchers. It was a fun collaboration intended to appeal to young children everywhere and engage even the most reluctant readers. So allow us to introduce the Zombie Zone from Bearport Publishing!

Ruth Owen worked closely with our Advisory Board to guarantee that this series wasn’t just another boring history of the living dead. Instead, each and every book in the Zombie Zone series is full of wonderful writing and amazing photos that are absolutely irresistible to kids.

For hundreds of years, people have told stories of corpses that rise from the dead and feast on the living. Are these horrifying tales just fiction and superstition? Or could these stories from around the world contain some terrifying grain of truth? This fascinating new series gives zombie fans all the information they crave. The books are packed with spine-chilling stories, cool zombie lore, as well as real-life science. They will have reluctant readers eagerly turning the pages. Prepare to enter the Zombie Zone!

Intended for a Grade 3 reading level, this new series will captivate and educate students up to Grade 7 and beyond. Not to mention that it has earned the official Zombie Research Society seal of approval. The Zombie Zone series actually contains four titles; Becoming a Zombie, Voodoo Zombies, Zombie Apocalypse, and Zombies Through the Ages. Each of these books has been reviewed and approved by our team, and we’ve all agreed that they’re absolutely perfect for your little zombie researcher in training; entertaining, engaging, and educational.

But don’t take our word for it – you can use the links above to view excerpts from each title in the series. They’ll provide a great example of the amazing illustrations, Bearport Publishing’s dedication to quality, and author Ruth Owen’s talent for engaging young readers. Once you go take a look, we think you’ll agree that the new Zombie Zone series is pretty awesome!

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