It’s almost time… are you ready? Arizona State University is gearing up for the first annual Zombie Apocalypse Medicine Meeting next week, and they have recently released an official itinerary featuring a number of amazing panels, zombie workshops, and speakers. Our very own survival expert Cameron Carlson will be there to discuss emergency management and response during the inevitable zombie apocalypse, so you definitely don’t want miss it!

The event kicks off October 18th, 2018 at the Student Pavilion with a discussion on creativity, perhaps the most important survival skill for the zombie apocalypse, featuring our friend and author Max Brooks! But that’s just the tip of the iceberg, because ZAMM promises to be the ultimate conference for zombie science, survival, and culture. Just take a look at the schedule:

Zombie Apocalypse Medicine Meeting
Arizona State University | October 18-21, 2018

Disaster and Bugout Medicine Workshop
• Escape to the Grand Canyon: Zombie Apocalypse Bug-out and Disaster Medicine Workshop
Led by Emergency Medicine Docs Joe Alcock, Clint Kalan, Drew Harrell, and Jake Jensen

Invited Sessions Session | chairs
• Does culture have a mind of its own? | Lee Cronk & Cristine Legare
• Zombie robots and autonomous vehicles: Who’s responsible? | Azim Shariff
• The psychology of zombies | Vaughn Becker
• Cellular agents of zombification | Carlo Maley
• Leaders and followers in the zombie apocalypse | Mark Flinn
• Proper care and feeding in the zombie apocalypse | Corrie Whisner
• Zombie apocalypse risk management and disaster response | Esma Gel
• Zombification strategies and countermeasures | Marco Del Giudice

Invited Panels | Panel chairs
• Ethics in the zombie apocalypse | Stephanie Birdsall & Jason Robert
• Haunted science: Frankenstein, zombies and our obsession with the monstrous | Ed Finn
• Fifty years of the undead in film and popular culture | Emily Zarka
• Zombie education for the apocalypse and other disasters | Gretchen Gano
• Zombie soldiers, brain injury and PTSD in the armed services | Emily Zarka
• Playing with zombies: SimZombie for the classroom | John Carter McKnight

Featured Events
• Baba Brinkman | Peer-reviewed Rap Artist
The rap guide to consciousness (and zombies)
• Max Brooks | Author of the Zombie Survival Guide and World War Z
Creativity: The most important survival skill for the zombie apocalypse
• Barbara Natterson-Horowitz | UCLA & Harvard University
Issues in adolescent zombie medicine: Managing risk taking, substance use and
pregnancy prevention in the teenage undead
• Kelly Weinersmith | Rice University
Welcome to Zombieland: Real tales of parasites manipulating host behavior
• Arts and Performances: A frightening film series | Performance by Jillian McDonald |
The life cycle of toxoplasma gondii by Rachel Mayeri | Ceramic Exhibition by Mario
Munguia | A mock trial by Broadcast Thought and ASU Theater Department

Invited Speakers
• Amy Boddy | University of California, Santa Barbara
Is your mom a zombie? The evolutionary implications of fetal microchimerism
• David Buss | University of Texas
The evolutionary psychology of zombies: Better to be dead or undead?
• Cameron Carlson | The Zombie Research Society
Emergency management and response for the zombie apocalypse
• Diana Fleischman | University of Portsmouth
They all want your brainz: Zombification and manipulation
• Mark Mannucci | Peabody and Emmy Award winning Producer & Director
Making microbes into movies: Science communication for the zombie apocalypse
• Mel Herbert, Josh Kurz and Wendy Roderweiss | Shabam! Podcast
Fact and fiction in the zombie apocalypse

Obviously the Zombie Apocalypse Medicine Meeting is one of the most important academic conferences this year, and we recommend that all our members, friends, and followers attend if possible! But registration closes on Sunday, October 14th, 2018 – so please visit the official website for additional details including event locations, travel information, and hotel rates.

It’s events like ZAMM that push the boundaries of scientific research, promote our mission, and support our dedication to the historic, cultural, and scientific study of the living dead. We would like to personally thank Pamela Winfrey, Cristina Baciu, and Athena Aktipis for their absolute dedication and tireless efforts in organizing and making this conference a reality!

So please visit ZAMM online via their official website, Facebook, or Twitter accounts, and tell your friends. This is the ultimate zombie conference and the Zombie Research Society will be there to promote, recruit, and maybe even offer a few surprises for guests and attendees!

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