A Little Birdie Told Me to Watch Bird Box – Zombies in My Blog

Bird Box is very deceptive. So much so that many people like me overlooked it. When I saw the trailer, I thought it was going to be like another recent movie with kids and monsters. Wrong. Once I started watching, I couldn’t look away. I guess when I’m wrong about a movie, I’m really wrong. Rarely do I tell you a lot about the actual movie, but it is hard not to talk about Bird Box. It is a horror movie mixed with a fairy tale. The storytelling is not what you would expect for an adult, when talking to a Continue Reading

“Santa Baby” Is Offensive. Ban It!

We’ve seen recent calls to erase the popular Christmas classic Baby, It’s Cold Outside from our culture, or to update its lyrics to be less offensive. Thank goodness for the woke masses of younger generations who can help us right all these wrongs, and all-hail the thin skin of millennials, to help us understand the insensitivity and “rapey” vibes expressed in such a tune. Our culture is better off when we can selectively sanitize that which challenges us from the past. The context of the original version, the social climate around it, the meaning for words then versus now, and Continue Reading

From the Book to the Movie – Zombies in My Blog

Sci-fi, smuggling and sabotage in a city on the moon! Set in the near future, the second novel by Andy Weir (The Martian) takes place in a lunar colony named Artemis. It follows a smuggler, Jazz (short for Jasmine), who takes a job and gets in way over her head. This book is gonna make for a great movie. I recommend you read it, so you can see what all the excitement is about from the same author who gave us The Martian. While The Martian was like Robinson Crusoe or Cast Away on Mars, Artemis is like a heist Continue Reading

Fandom’s Entitled Bleating Over Sonic – Zombies in My Blog

It’s a wonder anyone tries to create anything anymore. With an armchair, sniveling, socially broken critic in every mom’s basement, it’s hard out here for a media-maker. Take Sonic the Hedgehog. The backlash over just the mere silhouette of the would-be cinema version of the speedy blue critter is yet another installment of Internet drama over the slightest of reveals in film marketing. “Fans” — a loose term for pretty much any asshat with a Tumblr or Twitter account and a holier-than-thou wash of opinion-barf ready to fire. “Fans” are angry over a sneak-peek at the possible production design of Continue Reading

Nightflyers is Pure Outer Space Madness – Zombies in My Blog

Per Matt George R. R. Martin’s psychological thriller offers up a sci-fi and horror storyline that ventures outside Westeros and into outer space. I was totally hooked after watching the series premiere, “All That We Left Behind,” which was basically a haunted house story aboard a starship. In the future, planet Earth is dying and a last-gasp attempt to make first contact with an alien species is taken by the Nightflyer colony ship and its crew. And if the extraterrestrials don’t speak English, then an unstable telepathic with killer psychic feedback may be humanity’s last-ditch effort for survival. Claustrophobic at Continue Reading

Aquaman Proves That Horror Filmmakers Should Get More Opportunities – Zombies in My Blog

Per MattYou don’t have to be a fan of superhero movies to enjoy Aquaman. You don’t have to read comics to enjoy Aquaman. And you’re not required to have seen any of James Wan’s horror movies to enjoy Aquaman (although there are details and elements from all three worked into the script by each of the credited writers). Aquaman has seemingly been the lesser member of the Justice League for years. Robot Chicken has been ridiculing the character for a long time and Entourage destroyed any possible feature-film adaptation based on the character from HBO. That makes the Warner Bros. Continue Reading


It’s a common trope in the zombie genre; a routine mission for supplies turns deadly. Before you know it, the escape vehicle is completely surrounded and you’re overwhelmed by the living dead! This scene is played out over and over again in our favorite television shows and films. Unfortunately, the outcome is almost always fatal and the zombies emerge victorious. Let’s assume the undead aren’t violently throwing bricks through your windows, as seen in Night of the Living Dead. What can you possibly do to protect yourself when a deadly sea of zombies engulf your vehicle; banging on the doors Continue Reading


Cameron Carlson continues his review of the last few items provided by Valley Food Storage including a couple hearty meals guaranteed to provide some warmth and sustenance during the horribly cold, bleak, and inevitable zombie apocalypse – prepare for Apocalypse Yum! … Valley Food Storage: Part Two – Assorted Meats & Meals  Pork Sausage Crumbles: Smell: Not surprisingly, freeze dried meat doesn’t offer an appetizing aroma. They look almost exactly like the tiny bits of sausage you’d get on a frozen pizza, but don’t provide any of the mouth-watering tingle, smell of spice or pepper, that you might expect. In Continue Reading


As discussed in Part One, Geek Culture is destroying itself from the inside, and the toxic fandom elements among us make you sometimes wish there could be a “Thanos Snap” to return balance to the geek media and convention scene. Of course, nobody is literally suggesting that we vaporize half of all nerds (despite the extreme gullibility recently displayed by whiners on Facebook, in response to a local group’s cheeky “bad guy” graphic choices). One does wonder how this all plays out, and what will still be standing when fandom finally implodes on itself. We’ve identified the problem: Pettiness, deception and Continue Reading

Watching Christmas-Adjacent Movies – Zombies in My Blog

Die Hard, Lethal Weapon and Gremlins are three movies that immediately come to mind when I think of movies that take place during Christmastime, but are not Christmas movies. So, what are some Christmas-adjacent movies you could watch this December? I put this question to a bunch of my friends and got a whole lot of great recommendations. Sometimes, instead of a visit from Santa, you want a small town to be visited by a bunch of little green gremlins. While it it can be heartwarming to watch a bad person like Scrooge learn the true meaning of Christmas, it’s Continue Reading

Whimsy, Star Wars and Beauty? – Zombies in My Blog

I’m excited about Mortal Engines. Sometimes a movie affects you in ways you never thought. I was intrigued by the title. After all, what the heck is a mortal engine? Once the movie started, I began to see the clever choice of words. As you watch, there are so many different things to see at the same time. It was hard to concentrate on any one thing, but as the story started unfolding like a beautiful storybook, you sit back to take it all in. The audience was hushed to concentrate on the sounds and background. The look of the film Continue Reading


We’re happy to announce the return of one of our most popular columns; Apocalypse Yum! Zombie Research Society Advisory Board member and survival expert Cameron Carlson has taken up the torch, and will provide readers with regular reviews for the preppers, survivalists, and zombie enthusiasts in our ranks. If you have a suggestion, or would like to submit your product for review, just contact us directly via email at: contact@zombieresearchsociety.com … Valley Food Storage: Part One – Freeze Dried Fruits & Vegetables Today we’ll be reviewing just a few of the many freeze dried fruits and vegetables provided by Valley Continue Reading

Survival Horror Storyline Infects Mars – Zombies in My Blog

The exact moment when Mars switched from science fact/docuseries with dashes of futuristic science fiction to inevitable horror in outer space is when I fully realized this National Geographic series could get a bigger audience and should get the green light for another season. Survival horror was the theme of “Contagion,” which was directed by Stephen Cragg and it was vaguely reminiscent of John Carpenter’s The Thing. As Lukrum drills for an underwater basin, something has infected the crew, making them sick. And this mysterious outbreak is spreading quickly, to both isolated off-world colonies. Naturally, both sickened groups are quarantined within their respective emergency rooms and all drilling is Continue Reading

Toxic Fandom – Zombies in My Blog

Geek Culture is destroying itself from the inside and the perpetrators have expanded their demographics to a diversity that would be inspiring, if it were not ultimately a force for fandom evil. Pettiness, deception and entitlement abound in the modern era of nerdery. We could joke about it with trite catchphrases like “this is why we can’t have nice things” or we can do something about it. But what? The first step is to identify the problem. Such an endeavor is not just pointing toward others, but also a need to look in the mirror for a lot of us. Continue Reading