Movies That Stick With You – Zombies in My Blog

Welcome to what may be an uncomfortable conversation for one or both of us. It is actually one of the scariest subjects for me and I have goosebumps right now just thinking of it. Have you ever seen a scary or horror movie that fascinates and creeps you out at the same time? We are going to discuss films that stay with you, even if you don’t want them to. In fact, they may actually make you dream about them. Freaks is a black-and-white film from 1932. This movie was unique because it used actual circus freaks in the movie. These Continue Reading


One of the most striking images from George A. Romero’s zombie classic Land of the Dead is when an army of the dead slowly rise from the murky waters of a river to attack the previously secure city of Fiddler’s Green. But the concept of amphibious zombies had already existed for years, including great cult films like Zombie Lake and Shock Waves starring Peter Cushing. Apparently the idea is that zombies are undead and therefore don’t require oxygen to exist. Obviously it makes for a great movie, but could the living dead actually survive underwater? Our previous research offered a Continue Reading