Zombie Research Society Advisory Board member and survival expert Cameron Carlson has another quick tip for those of you ready to survive the inevitable zombie apocalypse, or any natural disaster. We’re happy to introduce Zed Tips! from The Zombie Files; an ongoing series of quick and easy video clips designed to help you survive the end of the world!

Today our resident survival expert Cameron Carlson will cover matches; specifically – how to waterproof your matches during the inevitable zombie apocalypse. If you don’t already have some matches nice and secure in an air-tight pill bottle, you might want to pay attention!

If you don’t have a pill bottle, or a film canister, all you need is a candle and your matches. And take those matches, and take the candle, and you’re gonna’ dip them in the wax … So now, just let ’em dry. At that point, if you want to extra-water proof them, you can put them in a pill bottle. If not, you can put them in a plastic bag, you can put them in any kind of container you want; an Altoids box, a Tic Tacs’ box if they’ll fit… whatever you want to do.

Obviously the most important part is how to strike those matches when you really need them! Whether you’re cold and all wet, or simply ready to start a fire; if the matches are strike-anywhere, you’re all set. But if they’re not – don’t fret, Cameron has a wonderfully ingenious idea to help you out… just make sure to keep the striking pad that came with the match box!

You might need some regular scotch tape, but we won’t ruin the surprise. Just watch the video embedded below, and you’ll be amazed at how easy it is to waterproof and light your life-saving matches during the inevitable zombie apocalypse! So please enjoy this brand new installment of Zed Tips! from The Zombie Files, because what you don’t know can eat you!

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