It’s a common trope in the zombie genre; a routine mission for supplies turns deadly. Before you know it, the escape vehicle is completely surrounded and you’re overwhelmed by the living dead! This scene is played out over and over again in our favorite television shows and films. Unfortunately, the outcome is almost always fatal and the zombies emerge victorious.

Let’s assume the undead aren’t violently throwing bricks through your windows, as seen in Night of the Living Dead. What can you possibly do to protect yourself when a deadly sea of zombies engulf your vehicle; banging on the doors and determined to devour your flesh?

Active Response Training have a few suggestions for surviving a mob attack in your vehicle. Obviously some of these tips don’t apply to the mindless corpses littering our streets during the inevitable zombie apocalypse, so we’ve removed the commentary. But the information is still valuable, and we recommend that you check out the original article for more details!

1) Avoidance is key.
2) You can’t just run people over if they are in the road.
3) The situation changes, however, once the rioters attack you or your vehicle.
4) Doors locked and seat belt off.
5) Tear gas grenades may or may not work.
6) Carry your gun on your person, not in the car.
7) Beware of other forms of roadblocks.

Michael Stroud of Kiln, Mississippi was recently sentenced to 15 years in prison for stealing a front-end loader and ramming vehicles because he thought zombies were chasing him – of course, the District Attorney claims that Stroud was on drugs at the time, and thankfully no one was seriously injured. But we we want to emphasize that the zombie apocalypse is not upon us! So please do not ram your vehicle into anyone, and definitely don’t use drugs!

As we’ve already mentioned, the tips above do not apply to the living dead. But zombies won’t be the only threat during the inevitable apocalypse! So if you’re expecting a Mad Max style scenario, in which roving bands of black-clad marauders are scavenging the wasteland for supplies and victims; we definitely recommend that you go and read the original article.

Active Response Training offers lots of great commentary, safety suggestions, and links to other resources that may just save your life. So remember that avoidance is key, always stay alert, and go check out the original article online; because what you don’t know can eat you!

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