Despite its cult status, George A. Romero’s zombie classic Dawn of the Dead spawned very little in the way of merchandise; even long after its official release. It wasn’t until 1999 that a Japanese company named Reds, Inc. would finally offer the first four official action figures to feature the film’s most iconic zombies and characters as part of their Cult Cinema Collection.

In 2005, the National Entertainment Collectibles Association (commonly known as NECA) picked up the property and produced some of the finest figures ever made for the American market. Their popular Cult Classics line included “Flyboy”, “Plaid Shirt Zombie”, and the fan favorite “Hare Krishna Zombie”. Unfortunately, this amazing series was eventually abandoned.

Other Dawn of the Dead products include Japanese model kits, a wonderfully articulated figure from Max Factory produced around 2014, and the incredibly creepy Living Dead Dolls. Which brings us to the most recent figures from Mezco Toyz; an exclusive Dawn of the Dead boxed set offered as part of their hugely popular One:12 Collective line.

The One:12 Collective Dawn of the Dead Boxed Set includes two of the most recognizable undead corpses in cinematic history: Flyboy and Plaid Shirt Zombie.

Flyboy Zombie, also known as Stephen Andrews, is cornered by the living dead while trying to escape through an elevator shaft. Now joining the forces of the infected, Flyboy is outfitted in blood stained clothing – a button down workmen’s shirt, belt, workmen’s pants, and wedge work boots. He comes equipped with his signature pistol from the iconic scene in the film.

Straight from the original Dawn of the Dead movie poster, Plaid Shirt Zombie is presented in a distressed flannel shirt exposing his rotting flesh, jeans, and work boots.

Mezco Toys are known for their fine products, franchise brands, and dedicated fan base. It’s doubtful you’ll ever receive an item that isn’t of the highest quality. But we’re not entirely sure that this particular set is worth the price. Coming in at $130 retail, you’ll get two amazingly authentic, wonderfully sculpted, and meticulously detailed figures… but that’s about it.

Other than a pistol that barely stays in place, each figure only comes with a display base and stand. In fact, while attempting to pose “Flyboy” with this tiny accessory, his hand came off… although it was easily replaced. However, all of the joints are extremely stiff and we found it very hard to move the arms for fear that we might pop something else loose. This was further complicated by the fact that each figure is outfitted with clothes made from real fabric.

Perhaps it’s simply a personal preference, but we prefer sculpted clothing. The thought of trying to reattached a limb lost inside a tiny shirt or pants immediately stopped us from enjoying the “28 points of articulation” that were advertised. So it’s either arms down or straight out because we can’t risk anything more dynamic or expressive; and that’s a shame.

Finally, we want to mention the size. These are much, much smaller than expected; but that is completely our fault. The description clearly states each figure is approximately 17cm, which is about seven inches tall. Regardless, these figures are barely worth displaying because the great craftsmanship, fine detail, and wonderful sculpts are hardly noticeable from a distance.

For the price, you can find both of the amazing NECA figures on any auction site for almost half the cost of this set from Mezco Toyz. But if you’re still interested, don’t take our word for it! Just swing by the official website for more information including additional details, reviews, and ordering information. Because, as we always say… what you don’t know can eat you!

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