The Zombie Research Society has defined the modern zombie as a relentlessly aggressive, reanimated human corpse driven by a biological infection. This is our official position, and we maintain that nearly all aspects of the undead can be explained biologically and scientifically. However, we continue to receive inquiries from many journalists and the press regarding the inherent theological, supernatural, and metaphysical implications of the living dead. After alluding to the fact that his zombies were a result of radioactive contamination, George Romero proceeded to muddy the waters with a single line of dialogue from the 1978 sequel Dawn of the Continue Reading

Fake News Gets Animated With Syfy’s Alien News Desk – Zombies in My Blog

Alien News Desk is a weekly, half-hour topical animated series that’s set to be a 12-episode series, airing at 11 PM as a companion to the far superior Futurama, which has boosted Syfy’s late-night ratings by 13 percent in the adults 18-34 demographic. Characters reporting the news seems to be a natural fit for the voice actors, as Will Forte (Drexx Drudlarr is the Chief Tactical News Officer) and Heidi Gardner (Tuva Van Void is the Senior Journaloid) are no strangers to topical humor, as both have previous experience working on Saturday Night Live‘s Weekend Update. In fact, it’s a Continue Reading

Big Changes Are in Store for The Gifted – Zombies in My Blog

After the season finale of The Gifted aired last night, there was plenty of carnage and many more questions remain about the Mutant Revolution. As the show’s future is currently uncertain, it’s time to look back at what happened, look ahead at what all of the dead bodies mean for its future and what about that Legion crossover… The last few episodes of Season 2 led up to a big confrontation between the remains of the Mutant Underground and the Inner Circle. And don’t forget about the Purifiers, who made sure to bring big-time trouble along the way. By the Continue Reading

Sometimes Dead is Better – Zombies in My Blog

Much like the resurrected corpses in Stephen King’s story, Pet Sematary returns to movie theaters 30 years later to once again terrorize horror fans. But sometimes, dead really is better. Stephen King adaptations have been popular for many years, appearing on the big and small screens for more than three decades already. In fact, the release of this Sematary remake will be the 68th big-screen adaptation (with six more in various stages of development in the coming years) to hit movie theaters — and that doesn’t include any of the 34 small-screen releases. All of that is to say Stephen Continue Reading


Please get this straight; we’re offering you five of the the weirdest and most unusual zombie-themed music videos that we’ve encountered over the years. So, just go ahead and forget about your Michael Jackson or Taylor Swift because you won’t find either of them on this list! Everyone has to make sacrifices here, so we’re also going to cut “They’re Coming To Get You, Barbara” by No More Kings, and “The Zombie Song” from Stephanie Mabey simply because they’re not really full-on music videos with production crews, film sets, and what-have-you. Instead, we’re going for some deep cuts here. And Continue Reading

Manifest and the Neverending Cliffhanger – Zombies in My Blog

If you’re a fan of mysteries and a neverending supply of cliffhangers, you should definitely check out Manifest. I would be very interested in charting out the developing storylines throughout the 16 episodes of Season 1. It would be a sight to see. How many possible explanations have branched out from the underlying mystery (Unspooling the Manifest Mystery) that defines the entirety of the show’s mythology? How many more dead-ends have sprouted, going absolutely nowhere? And how many more lead back to the premise: They’re all connected? The show has been VERY frustrating to watch at times (Why Am I Continue Reading

What Happens After Michonne Leaves The Walking Dead Next Year? – Zombies in My Blog

It seems the original cast from the first few seasons of The Walking Dead has been dwindling quickly. Has TWD become so much of a dumpster fire that each one of the main actors is prepared to leave as soon as possible? News leaked that next year, Danai Gurira — better known as Michonne — will be leaving the series after appearing in only a few episodes. So, what happens next for basic cable’s highest-rated TV show? For quite a while, the ensemble drama has remained whole, as the main actors on TWD have remained, working together, seemingly enjoying being Continue Reading

Jordan Peele Brings a New Vision to The Twilight Zone – Zombies in My Blog

A new dimension of sight, a new dimension of sound and a new dimension of mind will be coming to CBS All Access later this year as The Twilight Zone gets reimagined for a new generation. For a TV show that’s as timeless as infinity, this all-new Zone looks pretty familiar. As if appearing in an alternate dimension, CBS released a teaser trailer for the classic anthology series this past week, which featured some creepy, eerie montages with more than a few familiar celebrities making appearances. In a CBS press release, it was revealed that this reboot will be executive produced Continue Reading

New Dragon Glides, But Feels Franchise Limp – Zombies in My Blog

The latest installment of the very-popular How To Train Your Dragon series of films has landed, and it’s an adorable adventure in its world of flying reptiles (and… bug-reptile hybrids?) and Viking friends. It is also a film which struggles to stand out in a franchise with so many frequent-flyer miles. It is no secret that this audience-and-critic-beloved franchise is a hit, and nearly any sequel is likely to perform well. I have no doubt it will be a box-office success and appreciated thoroughly — as it should be. As it is supposedly the final installment, there are not likely to Continue Reading

Fighting With My Family – Zombies in My Blog

WWE Studios’ newest film, Fighting With My Family, hits theaters on February 22nd, 2019. The film company has never been accused of producing Oscar-worthy content. Yes, there are some gems in its arsenal, but mainly its catalog of films are either mind-numbing, over-the-top action films or campy re-hashed horror films. But Fighting With My Family may be the first film that breaks this trend and earns Vince McMahon’s enterprise its first dramatic award contender. Fighting With My Family is a dramatization of the story of Saraya Bevis (portrayed by Florence Pugh), who is a current WWE female superstar under the Continue Reading

What We Do in the Shadows Mocks the Vampire Lifestyle – Zombies in My Blog

Vampires seem to really be en vogue on television at the moment (at least there’s no more swooning, angsty teenagers identifying as the immortal creatures!). The Passage began this year on FOX (and it’s incredible!), featuring a different type of vampire and to a lesser extent, Preacher has a cool version of one, while What We Do in the Shadows — a remake of Jemaine Clement and Taika Waititi’s (Thor: Ragnarok) original feature film — will soon showcase an undead comedy that’s filmed as a documentary, or more appropriately, as a mockumentary. IMDb details Shadows as “A look into the daily (or rather, nightly) lives of Continue Reading

Is a Legion-Gifted Crossover Remotely Possible? – Zombies in My Blog

As more and more mutants seem to get killed off this season on The Gifted, one question gets constantly asked: Is a Legion–Gifted crossover remotely possible? Season 2 of The Gifted seems to be all about switching sides, from neutral to good to bad… and back and forth. With the recent announcement that the upcoming season of Legion will be its last and with what seems to be a lack of variety among mutants on Gifted, a crossover event between these two franchises should be a natural conclusion! First Polaris breaks up her family by joining The Inner Circle and now Blink’s future Continue Reading

The Only Problem With Lego Movie 2 – Zombies in My Blog

Per MattThere really isn’t much to complain about The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part. It’s a great movie that’s got heart, a good storyline, many fun voice actors and plenty of laughs. But it’s the last element that’s the problem. When you’ve got characters shooting rapid-fire oneliners, it’s hard to hear every joke. Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time I’ve experienced this problem within the Lego animated franchise. Phil Lord and Christopher Miler really made names for themselves with The Lego Movie. After so many LEGO-based films were previously distributed direct to video, there really weren’t any expectations placed upon the filmmakers. Ultimately, Continue Reading

Transformers’ Live-Action Future Relies on its Animated Origins – Zombies in My Blog

Bumblebee may have won high praise from critics and audiences alike by giving the movie a great overall rating, but in terms of box-office receipts, the soft reboot did not bring in big box-office bucks. That’s why the recent announcement that Netflix will distribute an animated origin story for the sentient robots could be the key to any more big-screen live-action adventures for The Transformers. As listed in Variety, the franchise’s future could depend on its origins. Set to premiere in 2020, Netflix and Hasbro have partnered to create War for Cybertron, which will further expand the Transformers Universe. Rooster Teeth will Continue Reading