Please get this straight; we’re offering you five of the the weirdest and most unusual zombie-themed music videos that we’ve encountered over the years. So, just go ahead and forget about your Michael Jackson or Taylor Swift because you won’t find either of them on this list! Everyone has to make sacrifices here, so we’re also going to cut “They’re Coming To Get You, Barbara” by No More Kings, and “The Zombie Song” from Stephanie Mabey simply because they’re not really full-on music videos with production crews, film sets, and what-have-you. Instead, we’re going for some deep cuts here. And Continue Reading

Manifest and the Neverending Cliffhanger – Zombies in My Blog

If you’re a fan of mysteries and a neverending supply of cliffhangers, you should definitely check out Manifest. I would be very interested in charting out the developing storylines throughout the 16 episodes of Season 1. It would be a sight to see. How many possible explanations have branched out from the underlying mystery (Unspooling the Manifest Mystery) that defines the entirety of the show’s mythology? How many more dead-ends have sprouted, going absolutely nowhere? And how many more lead back to the premise: They’re all connected? The show has been VERY frustrating to watch at times (Why Am I Continue Reading