Please get this straight; we’re offering you five of the the weirdest and most unusual zombie-themed music videos that we’ve encountered over the years. So, just go ahead and forget about your Michael Jackson or Taylor Swift because you won’t find either of them on this list!

Everyone has to make sacrifices here, so we’re also going to cut “They’re Coming To Get You, Barbara” by No More Kings, and “The Zombie Song” from Stephanie Mabey simply because they’re not really full-on music videos with production crews, film sets, and what-have-you.

Instead, we’re going for some deep cuts here. And we’re fully prepared for your blow-back down in the comments section below. Just open your mind and prepare yourselves for five of our favorite strange and unusual zombie music videos. Who knows… you might just like ’em!

Leslie and the Ly’s: Zombie Killer

This particular music video has an amusing sort of kitsch, but Leslie and the Ly’s were a bad joke in 2005 when they released their first video for “Gem Sweater“. Granted, this features actual zombies and guest vocals by Elvira, Mistress of the Dark… not to mention a surprise cameo by Mark Borchardt and Mike Schank of American Movie. So it’s really not all that bad!

You can buy the original or Titus Jones Remix version of this song right now via Amazon. Or simply swing by their official website for all the latest news, music videos, press, and details.

The Zombeatles: A Hard Day’s Night of the Living Dead

Apparently, Rob Zombie picked this as one of his favorite Halloween music videos in 2007. And since then the band has gone from a little-known, side-project of The Gomers to a full-blown phenomenon… or something. We don’t really know. Either way, it’s definitely weird.

Not surprisingly, you won’t see The Zombeatles singles readily available everywhere. But their first album is viewable online via Amazon and you can still visit their official Facebook page!

Rebecca Loebe: Bees & Zombies

Rebecca Loebe is such an authentic, quirky little singer-songwriter, that we couldn’t leave her off this list. The video by itself may seem odd, but this particular song was actually released during the mysterious plague of ZomBees taking place in 2011. We just absolutely adore her!

Download this song and album, or buy the actual, physical CD via Amazon. Either way, just support Rebecca Loebe by visiting her website or whatever, because she’s pretty awesome.

Lindsey Stirling: Moon Trance

Honestly, this one is pretty wonderful. Just try to imagine a weird mash-up between Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” and Michael Flatley’s “Riverdance” – and you might get something close to this odd music video from “Hip Hop Violinist” Lindsey Stirling. She was actually a finalist on the fifth season of America’s Got Talent a few years ago, but obviously this is one of her best!

Apparently, Lindsey Stirling has become kind of a big deal lately. So you should really have no problem finding this song available online via Amazon or even visiting her official website.

Kill The Noise: Kill The Noise Pt. 1

Just amazing; totally weird and unusual, but absolutely amazing! This is a mix of gritty science fiction and slick special effects presented with a dirty grindhouse aesthetic that really pushes everything over the top! Zombies and robots in a post apocalyptic world; this video has it all.

Here’s a link to the Original Mix and the full Kill Kill Kill EP via Amazon – you’re welcome!

Okay, so there you have it; five of our most favorite weird and unusual zombie-themed music videos. Obviously we wanted to fill this article with tons of great punk, metal, and hardcore music. For example, did you you know there was a thrash band from Leeds in England called Send More Paramedics almost completely devoted to Dan O’Bannon’s zombie cult classic The Return of the Living Dead? Or a Swedish death metal band named Death Breath who released a zombie-themed music video / short film called “Wrath of the Corpse” in 2008?

Either way, it doesn’t matter. Because that’s not what this list was about! Instead, we hope that you enjoyed a few oddities that you simply may not have otherwise ever witnessed.

Regardless, these are our picks for weird, strange, and unusual zombie-themed music videos. So, unless you’re into really obscure stuff, we think this is a pretty random and diverse list. But what do you think; is there something we missed? Just let us know in the comments below!

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