The Zombie Research Society has defined the modern zombie as a relentlessly aggressive, reanimated human corpse driven by a biological infection. This is our official position, and we maintain that nearly all aspects of the undead can be explained biologically and scientifically. However, we continue to receive inquiries from many journalists and the press regarding the inherent theological, supernatural, and metaphysical implications of the living dead. After alluding to the fact that his zombies were a result of radioactive contamination, George Romero proceeded to muddy the waters with a single line of dialogue from the 1978 sequel Dawn of the Continue Reading

Fake News Gets Animated With Syfy’s Alien News Desk – Zombies in My Blog

Alien News Desk is a weekly, half-hour topical animated series that’s set to be a 12-episode series, airing at 11 PM as a companion to the far superior Futurama, which has boosted Syfy’s late-night ratings by 13 percent in the adults 18-34 demographic. Characters reporting the news seems to be a natural fit for the voice actors, as Will Forte (Drexx Drudlarr is the Chief Tactical News Officer) and Heidi Gardner (Tuva Van Void is the Senior Journaloid) are no strangers to topical humor, as both have previous experience working on Saturday Night Live‘s Weekend Update. In fact, it’s a Continue Reading