This is Godzilla’s World. We Just Live in it. – Zombies in My Blog

Earth is hosting a battle royale of mythical creatures in the third and final trailer for Godzilla: King of the Monsters, which premiered yesterday, garnering plenty of positive reactions on social media. After watching Official Trailer No. 3 multiple times back to back, I noticed I was getting continuous shivers down my spine as hairs began to raise and tears began welling up in my eyes. Sure, “Over the Rainbow” was a nice touch in the background, but I was actually really excited for seeing this movie. And that’s coming from someone who absolutely refuses to watch any trailers of Continue Reading


Every year many fellow fans observe Zombie Awareness Month during the month of May by hosting charitable events, attending conventions, or simply wearing a grey ribbon to help spread awareness. Our official campaign began in 2007 and has been adopted by a number of official organizations over the years including several state governments and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. It’s truly a time for celebration, reflection, and education. This year we’d like to thank all of you by giving away the amazing prize pack shown below! It contains two (2) official Zombie Awareness bracelets and two (2) Zombie Continue Reading