Hunting for the Yeti – Zombies in My Blog

As an elusive creature, the Yeti has been the subject of traditional folklore and legends for more than 350 years. But recently, the mysterious mammal moved into the spotlight, as the Indian Army shared pictures to social media that claimed to be Yeti footprints tramped into the snow. Whether fact or fiction, the Abominable Snowman remains an unsolved mystery, piquing the imagination of many people around the world. Eyewitness accounts have spotted the Yeti in India, Tibet, Nepal and Bhutan throughout the years, but no conclusive evidence has ever been proven. The Yeti has been discussed in ancient texts and Continue Reading


Once again, the Zombie Research Society is happy to celebrate Zombie Awareness Month! Our annual campaign is meant to raise awareness of the living dead, and help prepare you for the inevitable zombie apocalypse. While this is a perfect time to celebrate all of your favorite zombie films, books, and video games… it’s also a wonderful opportunity to educate yourself. The Zombie Research Society established the month of May as Zombie Awareness Month in 2007. During this time many of our members, fans, and followers observe the occasion by hosting charitable events, attending conventions and meetings, or by simply wearing Continue Reading