Every year many fellow fans observe Zombie Awareness Month during the month of May by hosting charitable events, attending conventions, or simply wearing a grey ribbon to help spread awareness. Our official campaign began in 2007 and has been adopted by a number of official organizations over the years including several state governments and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. It’s truly a time for celebration, reflection, and education. This year we’d like to thank all of you by giving away the amazing prize pack shown below! It contains two (2) official Zombie Awareness bracelets and two (2) Zombie Continue Reading

Days Gone Lets You Live Out Your Daryl Dixon Fantasies – Zombies in My Blog

Today’s video game market is overflowing with Zombies. It’s almost as if there is an evil Alpha sitting at the top of the video game world who has decided to let loose the hordes of walkers upon the people of the world. Some have been great games, like most of the Resident Evil and Left 4 Dead series. Some have been total dumpster fires (not going to name names, but just look at the App Store on your smartphone or the cheap games on Steam). But one thing is true: People are just burned out on rotting corpses. This was Continue Reading