Every year many fellow fans observe Zombie Awareness Month during the month of May by hosting charitable events, attending conventions, or simply wearing a grey ribbon to help spread awareness. Our official campaign began in 2007 and has been adopted by a number of official organizations over the years including several state governments and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. It’s truly a time for celebration, reflection, and education.

This year we’d like to thank all of you by giving away the amazing prize pack shown below! It contains two (2) official Zombie Awareness bracelets and two (2) Zombie Awareness ribbons. In fact, some winners may receive a few additional surprises. So, be sure to spread the word!

We’ll chose ten people at random on April 30th, 2019; and even cover shipping to anywhere in the world. Just let us know that you’re interested either by commenting on this post below or swinging by our social media accounts including Facebook and Twitter to learn even more!

Zombie Awareness Month is a campaign to bring awareness about zombies and the possibility of a future zombie apocalypse. The month of May was chosen because a number of notable zombie films are set in May … In addition, the sense of hope, renewal and optimism that the spring season brings gives a contrast to the darkness of a zombie apocalypse. Supporters of the movement wear gray ribbons to spread awareness. The gray ribbon signifies the shadows that lurk behind the light of day.

This giveaway will end on April 30th, 2019 – but please allow us a few extra days to contact each of the winners directly. And even if you aren’t selected, we certainly hope that you’ll still celebrate Zombie Awareness Month with us by dedicating even a tiny bit of your time during the month of May to the fascinating history, culture, and scientific study of the living dead.

On our official website you will find a wealth of information provided by authors, artists, and academics discussing all of the possible causes, preparation, and prevention for the coming zombie apocalypse; and we encourage you to join us in the conversation online at Facebook or Twitter. Simply use the hashtag #ZombieAwarenessMonth to share your stories and tips for surviving the zombie apocalypse. This is your chance to support the Zombie Research Society, raise awareness, and maybe save a life. After all, what you don’t know can eat you!

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