While researching the inevitable zombie apocalypse, our team has studied everything from parasites and chemical weapons to deadly diseases and viruses. We followup on every lead and every possibility; constantly searching for any source of infection with the potential to change, mutate, adapt or evolve into a deadly zombie virus. As if our work isn’t hard enough, a recent discovery has completely changed the game; a virus that can infect another virus! The first virophage reported in 2008 was a satellite virus known as Sputnik, which shared its name with the first artificial Earth satellite launched by the Soviet Union Continue Reading

The Prodigy Proves It’s a “Bad Seed” – Zombies in My Blog

The term “bad seed” has been used quite a bit when describing a certain genre of horror films. This type of film replaces the innocence of a child with a void of pure evil. Several films have pulled this off nicely in the past. Back in 1956, the aptly title film, The Bad Seed, was one of the all-time greats in this field of films. Patty McCormack’s memorable portrayal of Rhoda Penmark made this film the watermark for others that would follow. And several were also great, including cult films like the Children of the Corn series, The Omen and even Continue Reading