Many of us start our morning with a nice sip of coffee, and according to a number of studies there are actually quite a few health benefits associated with your daily cup of joe. Caffeine can contain antioxidants and beneficial nutrients, it can increase your energy levels, and may even help you live longer; all of which are crucial during the inevitable zombie apocalypse!

But let’s be honest; you’re probably just hooked. The Smithsonian claims that ingestion of the drug alters your brain’s chemical makeup, leading to fatigue, headaches and nausea if you try to quit. And make no mistake; caffeine is a drug. Caffeine withdrawal itself was officially listed as a mental disorder in 2013 by the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders.

But we’re not here to judge your “mental disorders” or addictions. After all, there’s a lot to be said for maintaining the physical and psychological comforts of our previous lives. And this rocket stove can be used for so much more than your morning coffee including some tasty soup, which Cameron will cover in the next installment of Apocalypse Yum! So stay tuned to the Zombie Research Society for updates, and make sure that you’re subscribed to his official YouTube channel for more great survival videos; because what you don’t know can eat you!

Rocket Stove

Rocket stoves are extremely efficient kilns which primarily use wood as fuel, which is then burned in a very simple combustion chamber containing an insulated vertical chimney. This ensures almost complete combustion prior to the flames ever reaching the cooking surface.

What you’ll need:

  • Bricks: We’ve collected twenty-five red bricks for our demonstration. Of course you can use almost any type of brick, or cinder blocks, and find them almost anywhere. However, you’ll need at least four or five for the base layer to really get your rocket stove started.
  • Grate: Cameron literally just drilled holes in a piece of plate steel. But you can use any scrap metal, screen, diamond mesh, or whatever is available for your very own surface.
  • Fuel: Obviously almost any sort of kindling will work; dry leaves, firewood, branches, etc.

We’ve embedded our demonstration above, but if you have any problems viewing the video simply subscribe to The Zombie Files at YouTube for even more great survival tips, tricks, and advice for surviving the inevitable zombie apocalypse from our resident expert and Advisory Board member Cameron Carlson! And if you have a suggestion, or would like to submit your own product for review, contact us directly via email at: contact@zombieresearchsociety.com

Apocalypse Yum provides the preppers, survivalists, and zombie enthusiasts in our ranks with product reviews, retrospectives, and DIY demonstrations dedicated to helping our members survive the apocalypse. So learn everything now, because what you don’t know can eat you!

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