If I Only Had a Brain – Zombies in My Blog

I have to admit I’m a Keanu fan — especially the John Wick movies. Those are a nobrainer for me. While I wait for the next John Wick movie (yes there is a new one coming out), I was surprised that he had a sci-fi movie that hit the theaters with a minimum of film clips. I do hate to see movie trailers, because they ruin that part of the story for me and sometimes they ruin the ending. So, I decided to slap down my cash for a ticket and some  popcorn. I eased into my recliner seat and Continue Reading

A Real Version of The X-Files? – Zombies in My Blog

The truth is in here… somewhere. And for one episode, at least, Project Blue Book attempts to explore the real-life origin story behind the UFO phenomenon, back in the day. Based on true events, this is mostly historical fiction (much like The Terror), taken from the government program of the same name that explored more than 12,000 sightings and the reports from those events. Dr. J. Allen Hynek (Aidan Gillen) is an astrophysicist who has dedicated his life to the sky. Recruited from Ohio State University to partner with Captain Michael Quinn (Michael Malarkey), his main job is to use logic for something unexplainable and Continue Reading

Unspooling the Manifest Mystery – Zombies in My Blog

What’s up with all these weird callings? That’s what the characters of Manifest have been wondering aloud, and so have the show’s viewers. Unfortunately, after watching the mid season premiere this week, neither audience has gotten many answers to their questions. “Crosswinds” has definitely ramped up the conspiracy theory angle for the show. There’s now a covert military organization searching for their Holy Grail. Believers have been worked into the storyline, as well as an obsessive podcast host. The government believes the passengers of Flight 828 are criminals and treats them like guinea pigs, involving them in science and medical experiments gone wrong. Oh, Continue Reading

Fear’s Collection of Walking Dead Cast-Offs – Zombies in My Blog

What’s going on, here? Is this some sort of undead Bizarro world? News recently broke that Austin Amelio will return as Dwight for Fear The Walking Dead‘s Season 5. Does this officially mean that the series is nothing more than a collection of cast-offs from the more popular series? And could Sherry be far behind? Fans who had stuck with the show for three subpar seasons were experiencing some unrest when two of the original cast members were killed off last season. Kim Dickens’ Madison and Frank Dillane’s Nick were a powerful mother-son combo on the show, but they were Continue Reading

Is It Worth a Dive Down the Netflix Rabbit Hole? – Zombies in My Blog

Bandersnatch, the new interactive Black Mirror special on Netflix, is a clever and trippy take of a choose your own adventure movie. For those unfamiliar with the Choose Your Own Adventure children’s books from the 1980s, the reader is presented options down an ever-expanding decision tree, leading to various endings scattered throughout the novel. Some endings are good, others end in death, others mediocre. Bandersnatch follows a similar concept. The viewer is periodically presented with two options for the main character to follow. The viewer has 10 seconds to choose either of the two choices. If neither is chosen, the Continue Reading


Research recently published by the scientific journal Cell Metabolism suggests that cellular senescence can drive anxiety and impair neurogenesis. Put simply; they’ve discovered that dead or dying cells disrupt the development of neurons which can eventually cause panic, confusion, or lead to violent outbursts. Of course, all of this new information is especially interesting when you consider the aggressive behavior often associated with the living dead. Senscent cells are also known as “zombie cells” due to their dormant nature. These particular cells simply stop dividing but somehow remain in the body, impairing other vital functions. Research has shown that they Continue Reading

Joe’s Five Favorite Films of 2018 – Zombies in My Blog

Superhero movies, thrilling horror films, actually funny comedies, soft reboots and sequels — 2018 was a good year for movies. I think my stack of ticket stubs from theaters is much larger compared to any of the past few years. Even while being selective, I saw about 20 movies in theaters and that’s not counting the new releases I saw later on streaming services. Considering all the movies I saw this year, it’s difficult to pare them down to five favorites. Heck, I could fill a list just with superhero movies. However, I’m going to take this opportunity to spotlight Continue Reading

Ringing in the New Year With The Gifted – Zombies in My Blog

Per MattWho would have thought the best way to ring in the new year was with those talented mutants of The Gifted? After the Atlanta hub failed, the Mutant Underground moved to Memphis and has now splintered into different groups. While Season 1 of the show was all about introducing these characters and showcasing the hatred of them by humanity, so far, Season 2 seems to be more about mutants vs. mutants near D.C., as those characters are now living within houses divided. The Inner Circle seems to be an offshoot of the Hellfire Club, which has recruited Polaris (Emma Dumont) and Continue Reading


Many of our Advisory Board members were happy to contribute to the most recent episode of The Why Factor; a program presented by BBC Current Affairs producer Shabnam Grewal. Dedicated to our cultural fascination of the living dead, this brilliant episode examines both the history and deeper meaning of zombies throughout the centuries and across continents. Professor, author, and Zombie Research Society Advisory Board member Brendan Riley recently joined our resident survival expert, United States Navy officer, and fellow Advisory Board member Cameron Carlson to discuss why so many people continue to be fascinated by the undead. This particular episode Continue Reading

A Little Birdie Told Me to Watch Bird Box – Zombies in My Blog

Bird Box is very deceptive. So much so that many people like me overlooked it. When I saw the trailer, I thought it was going to be like another recent movie with kids and monsters. Wrong. Once I started watching, I couldn’t look away. I guess when I’m wrong about a movie, I’m really wrong. Rarely do I tell you a lot about the actual movie, but it is hard not to talk about Bird Box. It is a horror movie mixed with a fairy tale. The storytelling is not what you would expect for an adult, when talking to a Continue Reading

“Santa Baby” Is Offensive. Ban It!

We’ve seen recent calls to erase the popular Christmas classic Baby, It’s Cold Outside from our culture, or to update its lyrics to be less offensive. Thank goodness for the woke masses of younger generations who can help us right all these wrongs, and all-hail the thin skin of millennials, to help us understand the insensitivity and “rapey” vibes expressed in such a tune. Our culture is better off when we can selectively sanitize that which challenges us from the past. The context of the original version, the social climate around it, the meaning for words then versus now, and Continue Reading

From the Book to the Movie – Zombies in My Blog

Sci-fi, smuggling and sabotage in a city on the moon! Set in the near future, the second novel by Andy Weir (The Martian) takes place in a lunar colony named Artemis. It follows a smuggler, Jazz (short for Jasmine), who takes a job and gets in way over her head. This book is gonna make for a great movie. I recommend you read it, so you can see what all the excitement is about from the same author who gave us The Martian. While The Martian was like Robinson Crusoe or Cast Away on Mars, Artemis is like a heist Continue Reading

Fandom’s Entitled Bleating Over Sonic – Zombies in My Blog

It’s a wonder anyone tries to create anything anymore. With an armchair, sniveling, socially broken critic in every mom’s basement, it’s hard out here for a media-maker. Take Sonic the Hedgehog. The backlash over just the mere silhouette of the would-be cinema version of the speedy blue critter is yet another installment of Internet drama over the slightest of reveals in film marketing. “Fans” — a loose term for pretty much any asshat with a Tumblr or Twitter account and a holier-than-thou wash of opinion-barf ready to fire. “Fans” are angry over a sneak-peek at the possible production design of Continue Reading

Nightflyers is Pure Outer Space Madness – Zombies in My Blog

Per Matt George R. R. Martin’s psychological thriller offers up a sci-fi and horror storyline that ventures outside Westeros and into outer space. I was totally hooked after watching the series premiere, “All That We Left Behind,” which was basically a haunted house story aboard a starship. In the future, planet Earth is dying and a last-gasp attempt to make first contact with an alien species is taken by the Nightflyer colony ship and its crew. And if the extraterrestrials don’t speak English, then an unstable telepathic with killer psychic feedback may be humanity’s last-ditch effort for survival. Claustrophobic at Continue Reading