William Shatner Explores the Unexplained – Zombies in My Blog

History beams up a new nonfiction series to explore unsolved mysteries, strange experiences, cursed history and the paranormal in The UnXplained. In the series premiere, Executive Producer and host William Shatner investigates the so-called evil places of Japan’s Suicide Forest, Russia’s Dyatlov Pass incident and Indiana’s Willows Weep, which is supposedly the most haunted house in America. The second episode focuses on the mysterious structure of Lalibela, the Ethiopian monolith that houses 11 underground churches, the double-helix stairway of the Loretto Chapel and its unknown creator, the macabre 160 rooms of the Winchester Mystery House, the unusual Coral Castle of Continue Reading

Pennyworth Expands the DC Universe – Zombies in My Blog

Per MattNow that Gotham has closed up shop, EPIX has taken the reins in telling the backstory of Bruce Wayne’s family tree. In Pennyworth‘s pilot, “Alfie,” as he’s called by his mates, a former British SAS soldier possibly recovering from PTSD, has started up a security firm, but his friends think he is too “soft-hearted” to run a business. Nevertheless, Bazza (Hainsley Lloyd Bennett) and Dave Boy (Ryan Fletcher) don’t exactly realize what they’ve signed up for when they join him. Part crime story and part spy thriller, these three blokes have uncovered “a storm in a teacup,” which just Continue Reading

Old Man Salazar Triumphantly Returns to Fear The Walking Dead – Zombies in My Blog

If you’ve been watching Fear The Walking Dead this summer — And why wouldn’t you be? — you would have realized by the second episode that there were a lot of new characters who were introduced this year. The crossover characters received all the publicity, with BOTH Morgan (played by Lennie James) and Dwight (Austin Amelio) walking away from TWD mothership, so it was believed they would receive the most of the spotlight. But it’s the original survivors (Alicia and Daniel) who have been the primary focus so far (with Strand in a distant third place in terms of storyline Continue Reading

Ghost Drives the Backstory for AMC’s NOS4A2 – Zombies in My Blog

Long before today’s self-driving cars were developed by VW and Google, Nos4A2 had a fully autonomous 1938 Rolls-Royce Wraith, which drives a killer backstory in the digital short, Ghost. For all intents and purposes, this short film is a ghost story that’s a callback to a previous episode of the TV show (itself an adaptation of author Joe Hill’s book series), which claimed the immortal Charlie Manx kidnapped a child and his father years ago. Here, for 12 minutes and 45 seconds, the backstory plays out. All the provided details listed on AMC’s webpage describe Ghost this way: “In this Continue Reading

Nashville’s Original Beer Fest is Back! – Zombies in My Blog

Per MattDowntown Nashville is about to get brewing as the 18th Annual Music City Brewer’s Festival arrives at Walk of Fame Park on Saturday, July 27, 2019. From 5 pm to 9 pm, more than 5,000 attendees will be sampling a variety of beverages from more than 50 breweries, while enjoying a variety of activities. There will be about 15 breweries representing the Volunteer state, along with some cideries and distilleries. A portion of the proceeds from ticket sales will benefit the Nashville Humane Society. If taking rideshare to the beer festival, the best drop-off/pick-up address would be at the Continue Reading


One of the most common behavioral theories we encounter is that zombies are nocturnal; meaning they’re mostly active at night. It’s likely that George A. Romero himself is responsible for this concept due to the title, or perhaps even the behavior of the undead themselves, in his groundbreaking film Night of the Living Dead. But the idea has certainly taken root since 1968, and nocturnal zombies are fairly common in everything from film, television, and video games to literature and comic books. But why is this nocturnal zombie theory so popular? Fear of the dark is a common phobia among Continue Reading

Closing Mad Magazine: What, Me Worry?

Per MattFor 67 years, Mad Magazine has been an irreverent mainstay, satirizing everything from politics to the entertainment industry. Soon, Mad will close up shop, wrapping up production on new content and with the permanent closing of its doors, I will also lose a part of my childhood. After the upcoming August issue is released, the comedy publication will no longer be sold on newsstands. DC Entertainment, the magazine’s publisher, will reportedly only re-release nostalgic issues and end-of-year specials, effectively keeping the publication alive in spirit only. Topical humor. Juvenile humor. Situational humor. Uncomfortable situations. Nothing was too sacred to Continue Reading

Professor X Marks the Spot for Legion – Zombies in My Blog

Three years in the making, Charles Xavier has finally arrived to the party — although a little late — in Legion: The Final Chapter. Following the footsteps of Patrick Stewart and James McAvoy, Harry Lloyd’s version of Professor X showcases a slightly different version of the world’s most-powerful telepath. With the help of Switch, David travels to the past to finally meet his parents in “Chapter 22.” This episode is an origin story of sorts, as the backstory depicts the early days of Charles Xavier and the linked memories of meeting Gabrielle Haller in an asylum; he a war veteran Continue Reading


The Zombie Research Society is extremely happy to announce our support for the very first official Theorizing Zombiism Conference, presented by the fine folks at the UCD Humanities Institute in Dublin, Ireland from July 25th – 27th, 2019. This is definitely one event that all of our friends, followers, and members won’t want to miss; especially considering the honorary inclusion our very own Advisory Board member, novelist, author, and satirist Scott Kenemore. You may know Scott Kenemore from his extremely popular zombie trilogy; Zombie, Ohio, Zombie, Illinois, and Zombie, Indiana. But he joins a whole host of speakers, presenters, and Continue Reading

Good Omens Makes the Apocalypse Fun – Zombies in My Blog

Good Omens, the televised comedy from the novel by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman, nails the Apocalypse without it feeling like Armageddon. The show is about the angel Aziraphale, played by Michael Sheen and the demon Crowley, played by former Doctor Who, David Tennant. Having known each other since the dawn of creation, the angel and demon are a sort of celestial odd couple. Sheen’s Aziraphale is foppish, kind and trusting to a fault, yet for all his naivete, is wholesome and charming. Tennant’s Crowley is the too-cool-for-school demon, dressed in stylish clothes and is charming, despite his ne’er-do-well nature. Continue Reading


Perhaps one of the most important academic conferences last year was the very first annual Zombie Apocalypse Medicine Meeting presented by Arizona State University. This wonderful event featured a number of amazing panels, zombie workshops, and featured speakers. Not to mention our very own Advisory Board member and survival expert Cameron Carlson, who discussed emergency management and response during the inevitable zombie apocalypse. Events like ZAMM continue to push the boundaries of academic research, and support our mission to examine the incredible historic, cultural, and scientific importance of the living dead. However, such events would not be possible without the Continue Reading

Child’s Play (2019) Brings Me To Tears – Zombies in My Blog

For the better part of the 41 years I have been alive, there has been one toy that’s very name inspires fear and disgust. A figure that started out with an unholy act of possession by a serial killer, evolving into a cult of followers who ultimately preyed upon a weak, wheelchair-bound girl to take control of her body. A plastic evil that killed his equally charming girlfriend, stuffed her soul into a doll, had relations with her, and then killed her just before she gave birth to a gender-confused creature. At no point in my life have I felt Continue Reading

Paperbacks From Hell is a Killer Read – Zombies in My Blog

Per MattGrowing up, long before dial-up modems were a thing and the internet was confined to the military’s ARPANET, the only way to access the information superhighway was by visiting the neighborhood drug store, grocery store and bookstore, where I could find hundreds of different topics at my physical fingertips… everything from newspapers to magazines to comics and even novels (I used to read a LOT more back then!). On weekends, I could spend an entire day just browsing through the stacks of Borders, Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million, among others. Pick a topic and you’re bound to find a variety Continue Reading


Many of us start our morning with a nice sip of coffee, and according to a number of studies there are actually quite a few health benefits associated with your daily cup of joe. Caffeine can contain antioxidants and beneficial nutrients, it can increase your energy levels, and may even help you live longer; all of which are crucial during the inevitable zombie apocalypse! But let’s be honest; you’re probably just hooked. The Smithsonian claims that ingestion of the drug alters your brain’s chemical makeup, leading to fatigue, headaches and nausea if you try to quit. And make no mistake; Continue Reading