The Year of Samuel L. Jackson’s Hair – Zombies in My Blog

If Samuel L. Jackson didn’t wear a wig, did he even appear in a film? As a fan of Jackson, the always-working actor seems to appear on the big screen every two to three months in a new movie, and with that, he always seems to sport a new look for his characters, never appearing or acting the same way. That could explain why the films he’s appeared in have made the highest total gross revenue out of every actor out there. He is the biggest all-time box office star, as his films have racked up $5.15 billion in domestic Continue Reading

History’s Mysteries Get Investigated in Project Blue Book – Zombies in My Blog

Some have described Project Blue Book as Mad Men meets The X-Files, but I think a more appropriate description would be an old-school version of The X-Files: characters investigating strange phenomena that’s based, in part, on real-life events. That description could help explain how the show, airing on History, has retained 80 percent of its live-plus-three-day audience since January 8th, totaling 2.8 million viewers. Season 1 recently wrapped its 10 paranormal episodes and another 10 episodes have already been ordered for Season 2. I’m pretty stoked to see what happens next for Dr. J. Allen Hynek (played by Aiden Gillen) Continue Reading

The Passage Opens Up the Vampire Apocalypse – Zombies in My Blog

Survival horror mode was fully engaged in The Passage with the two-hour season finale, “Stay in the Light/Last Lesson.” The closing moments of the first season opened up a whole new world for the show, as a 97-year time jump jettisoned the storyline forward to a dystopian future where the Vampire Apocalypse has practically wiped out the human race. But there is some hope for humanity and for fans of the series, as a renewal for Season 2 is far from imminent. As Season 1 wound down, Project Noah has had few successes in creating a cure to the quickly Continue Reading

EPIX Gets Punk With Docuseries – Zombies in My Blog

Per Matt“Punk was born in the late ’60s. It has lived this whole time, and it will live forever.” This is how the EPIX docuseries gets introduced by Director Penelope Spheeris. Naturally, if there’s bands releasing new music in the genre these days, it’s safe to say that punk music is definitely not dead. Johnny Rotten takes that notion one step further: “How can it be dead? I’m still here.” Born in a time of counterculture, nearly 50 years later, the music still resonates today. Executive Producers Iggy Pop and John Varvatos present an oral history of the musical scene Continue Reading

Life Lessons on The Passage – Zombies in My Blog

Life isn’t fair. Choices can be difficult and sometimes they can have life-or-death consequences. This is where The Passage has led, as the season finale arrives this week. In “You Are Not That Girl Anymore,” young Amy’s afraid of turning into a monster, much like the virals, who aren’t officially bloodthirsty vampires… but they’re pretty darn close. At the episode’s conclusion, she’s finally offered a choice by the Big Bad: Die or become immortal. This definitely isn’t fair for the girl. And it’s surely a decision that shouldn’t have to be made at such an age, but this is where Continue Reading

Captain Marvel Rocks the ’90s for the MCU – Zombies in My Blog

Per MattUp until now, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has featured a wide assortment of genre films for its superheroes, with the majority of them featuring men. With Captain Marvel, a different type of approach was made, and it’s a significant storytelling moment, as Phase Four of the MCU approaches very quickly. Captain Marvel is billed as the MCU’s first stand-alone female-franchise film, although she’s not flying solo, here. It’s more of an ensemble film, but it’s not only the origin story of Carol Danvers (portrayed by Brie Larson), but also Samuel Jackson’s Nick Fury and, to a lesser extent, Clark Continue Reading

The Zombies Are Coming… – Zombies in My Blog

Horror movie fans may be excited to see the recent trailer release for the upcoming World War Z video game rise from the dead. Entitled “The Zombies are Coming,” Saber Interactive and Focus Home Interactive hope to entice gamers to pre-order the game or pick up the title upon its release on April 16th. So, what are the details? After watching the trailer, a couple of questions arise. While #OutlivetheDead seems to be the ongoing theme, there are massive Zombie herds — or swarms as they’re described on the game’s official webpage. The trailer seems to be mostly cinematic videos Continue Reading

Live. Die. Repeat. 2, the Sci-Fi Sequel – Zombies in My Blog

What’s in a name? When it comes to a title, whatever you call the Edge of Tomorrow movie, AKA Live. Die. Repeat. or the film’s original name, All You Need Is Kill — which is the title of the Hiroshi Sakurazaka manga it’s based upon — Warner Bros. has officially greenlit a sequel. That’s great news for science-fiction fans who enjoyed the big-screen story directed by Doug Liman, featuring Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt in a Groundhog Day-type of life-and-death scenario. So many good movies receive subpar sequels. Other movies are great, but have ridiculous titles that take away from the Continue Reading


Back in 1986 Ubisoft published their very first action adventure video game titled Zombi – borrowing heavily from George A. Romero’s amazing zombie cult classic Dawn of the Dead. Programmed by Yannick Cadin and S.L. Coemelck, with graphics by Patrick Daher it was one of the very first zombie video games available for the mass market, and still holds up today! Modern gamers obsessed with the frantic pace of Left for Dead or Call of Duty may have a hard time appreciating the quiet tension of this classic point-and-click adventure. But it was so popular at the time that Zombi Continue Reading

Raisin’ Hellboy – Zombies in My Blog

Back from the dead, the Hellboy franchise returns to movie theaters fully rejuvenated after an 11-year hiatus. With the red band trailer’s release this week, the upcoming film was trending everywhere via social media, especially on Twitter, where there was a lot of positive reaction. While this film doesn’t get an official release until April 12, 2019 in the United States, there’s plenty to look forward to and try to figure out before audiences get to fully experience it on the big screen. As the official tag describes the upcoming movie: “Based on the graphic novels by Mike Mignola, Hellboy, Continue Reading

Aquaman Spin-Off to Inject Horror Into DC Universe – Zombies in My Blog

The DC Universe is getting a little scarier, as Warner Bros. will release an Aquaman a spin-off movie in the horror vein before Jason Momoa’s title character receives an official sequel. As reported by Business Insider and Variety, Noah Gardner and Aidan Fitzgerald have been hired to write The Trench, which will explore the deadly creatures who evolved from former Atlantis inhabitants, eventually attacking Arthur Curry and and Mera in Aquaman. This feels natural for the superhero movie franchise. Because the project is currently in development, details are still getting formulated, so there is no director attached at the moment. Continue Reading


The Zombie Research Society has defined the modern zombie as a relentlessly aggressive, reanimated human corpse driven by a biological infection. This is our official position, and we maintain that nearly all aspects of the undead can be explained biologically and scientifically. However, we continue to receive inquiries from many journalists and the press regarding the inherent theological, supernatural, and metaphysical implications of the living dead. After alluding to the fact that his zombies were a result of radioactive contamination, George Romero proceeded to muddy the waters with a single line of dialogue from the 1978 sequel Dawn of the Continue Reading

Fake News Gets Animated With Syfy’s Alien News Desk – Zombies in My Blog

Alien News Desk is a weekly, half-hour topical animated series that’s set to be a 12-episode series, airing at 11 PM as a companion to the far superior Futurama, which has boosted Syfy’s late-night ratings by 13 percent in the adults 18-34 demographic. Characters reporting the news seems to be a natural fit for the voice actors, as Will Forte (Drexx Drudlarr is the Chief Tactical News Officer) and Heidi Gardner (Tuva Van Void is the Senior Journaloid) are no strangers to topical humor, as both have previous experience working on Saturday Night Live‘s Weekend Update. In fact, it’s a Continue Reading

Big Changes Are in Store for The Gifted – Zombies in My Blog

After the season finale of The Gifted aired last night, there was plenty of carnage and many more questions remain about the Mutant Revolution. As the show’s future is currently uncertain, it’s time to look back at what happened, look ahead at what all of the dead bodies mean for its future and what about that Legion crossover… The last few episodes of Season 2 led up to a big confrontation between the remains of the Mutant Underground and the Inner Circle. And don’t forget about the Purifiers, who made sure to bring big-time trouble along the way. By the Continue Reading