Shadows Removes the Dark Stigma of Being a Vampire – Zombies in My Blog

After the Twilight era of films concluded, vampires are no longer always viewed as the nightmare creatures previously portrayed in stories for centuries. While not a young adult storyline — thankfully — What We Do in the Shadows takes a different view of the undead, no longer showcasing them as monsters, but as creatures just trying to live their daily lives… er, nightly routines, which just happens to lead to funny and outrageous outcomes. Based on the five-year-old creature feature of the same name, Shadows is a low-budget chronicling of vampires by a documentary film crew — one that has Continue Reading

Transworld’s 2019 Halloween & Attractions Show In Review – Zombies in My Blog

The annual super tradeshow for the Halloween season, Transworld’s Halloween & Attractions Show, was held on March 21-24, 2019. Now you are probably thinking the same thing as most people: IT’S MARCH!! Halloween is over half a year away. Why are we even talking about this event? And for most people, that’s exactly what is normal. But there is a special ever-growing group of people who have a passion for this business. To these people, Halloween is not just a season, but it is a way of life. They pour their blood, sweat and tears into bringing out your fears. Continue Reading

Lost Gold Attempts to Unearth Missing Treasures of WWII – Zombies in My Blog

Some mysteries remain unsolved for a reason, whether it’s lack of credible information or too much reliance on tall tales, but Lost Gold of World War II attempts to unearth Yamashita’s Treasure 70 years after being buried, based on credible information from an eyewitness. After watching the series premiere, “Death on the Mountain,” this show feels different from all the other reality shows airing on History. Part Expedition Unknown, part Brad Meltzer’s Lost History, this show is very much in the vein of The Curse of Oak Island, but Lost Gold has a little more going for it. Primarily based Continue Reading

Deadly Class is Highly Addictive – Zombies in My Blog

It’s retro, full of punk rock and attitude… the ’80s never looked so good! Deadly Class has been highly addictive to watch throughout its first season, as the show tells the tale of a homeless teenager attending a prestigious school for assassins in the heart of the counterculture movement: San Francisco. Hidden in plain sight, King’s Dominion is a private school where crime families from around the world send their children to learn the deadly arts, with the intention of one day taking over the family business. If the students don’t quickly learn the art of survival by any means Continue Reading

Us Pulls Nightmare Creatures Out of the Shadows

Per Matt If you think the notion of being terrorized by doppelgangers, bloody beachfront boardwalks and fuzzy logic collectively create a good horror movie, then watching Jordan Peele’s latest thriller, Us, will be right up your alley. Building off the goodwill from Peele’s first film (Get Out) and his awards success as a producer (BlacKkKlansman) comes a different type of movie. Us features the Wilsons taking a family vacation in Northern California as hidden secrets finally get revealed when they’re attacked by a group of lookalikes and the story eventually unfolds. To reveal much more of the storyline would be Continue Reading


Recent reports have tracked a deadly viral brain disease all the way from Canada to Florida via chickens. Epidemiological analysis has shown that an outbreak of the eastern equine encephalitis virus, also known as EEE or sleeping sickness, may have originated in the Florida panhandle; working its way up to Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and eventually Canada. The symptoms of EEE may be of special interest to zombie researchers and often include an altered mental state, photophobia, and deadly seizures with a fatality rate of thirty-three percent. Due to the virus’s effect on the brain, patients who survive can be left Continue Reading

Disney Filps on Guardians’ Gunn Decision – Zombies in My Blog

With Disney’s recent decision to reinstate James Gunn as protector of the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise, what does that mean for Marvel Studios moving forward? As the creator of the franchise that unexpectedly became a huge hit, totaling more than $1.6 billion at the box office through two movies so far and building upon the Marvel big-screen brand, Gunn built a franchise from the ground up based on the comics line of the same name. Coming from a low-budget background, Gunn previously worked at Troma Entertainment, with previous writing credits including Dolphinman Battles the Sex Lobsters and the Zombie-killing Continue Reading

The Year of Samuel L. Jackson’s Hair – Zombies in My Blog

If Samuel L. Jackson didn’t wear a wig, did he even appear in a film? As a fan of Jackson, the always-working actor seems to appear on the big screen every two to three months in a new movie, and with that, he always seems to sport a new look for his characters, never appearing or acting the same way. That could explain why the films he’s appeared in have made the highest total gross revenue out of every actor out there. He is the biggest all-time box office star, as his films have racked up $5.15 billion in domestic Continue Reading

History’s Mysteries Get Investigated in Project Blue Book – Zombies in My Blog

Some have described Project Blue Book as Mad Men meets The X-Files, but I think a more appropriate description would be an old-school version of The X-Files: characters investigating strange phenomena that’s based, in part, on real-life events. That description could help explain how the show, airing on History, has retained 80 percent of its live-plus-three-day audience since January 8th, totaling 2.8 million viewers. Season 1 recently wrapped its 10 paranormal episodes and another 10 episodes have already been ordered for Season 2. I’m pretty stoked to see what happens next for Dr. J. Allen Hynek (played by Aiden Gillen) Continue Reading

The Passage Opens Up the Vampire Apocalypse – Zombies in My Blog

Survival horror mode was fully engaged in The Passage with the two-hour season finale, “Stay in the Light/Last Lesson.” The closing moments of the first season opened up a whole new world for the show, as a 97-year time jump jettisoned the storyline forward to a dystopian future where the Vampire Apocalypse has practically wiped out the human race. But there is some hope for humanity and for fans of the series, as a renewal for Season 2 is far from imminent. As Season 1 wound down, Project Noah has had few successes in creating a cure to the quickly Continue Reading

EPIX Gets Punk With Docuseries – Zombies in My Blog

Per Matt“Punk was born in the late ’60s. It has lived this whole time, and it will live forever.” This is how the EPIX docuseries gets introduced by Director Penelope Spheeris. Naturally, if there’s bands releasing new music in the genre these days, it’s safe to say that punk music is definitely not dead. Johnny Rotten takes that notion one step further: “How can it be dead? I’m still here.” Born in a time of counterculture, nearly 50 years later, the music still resonates today. Executive Producers Iggy Pop and John Varvatos present an oral history of the musical scene Continue Reading

Life Lessons on The Passage – Zombies in My Blog

Life isn’t fair. Choices can be difficult and sometimes they can have life-or-death consequences. This is where The Passage has led, as the season finale arrives this week. In “You Are Not That Girl Anymore,” young Amy’s afraid of turning into a monster, much like the virals, who aren’t officially bloodthirsty vampires… but they’re pretty darn close. At the episode’s conclusion, she’s finally offered a choice by the Big Bad: Die or become immortal. This definitely isn’t fair for the girl. And it’s surely a decision that shouldn’t have to be made at such an age, but this is where Continue Reading

Captain Marvel Rocks the ’90s for the MCU – Zombies in My Blog

Per MattUp until now, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has featured a wide assortment of genre films for its superheroes, with the majority of them featuring men. With Captain Marvel, a different type of approach was made, and it’s a significant storytelling moment, as Phase Four of the MCU approaches very quickly. Captain Marvel is billed as the MCU’s first stand-alone female-franchise film, although she’s not flying solo, here. It’s more of an ensemble film, but it’s not only the origin story of Carol Danvers (portrayed by Brie Larson), but also Samuel Jackson’s Nick Fury and, to a lesser extent, Clark Continue Reading

The Zombies Are Coming… – Zombies in My Blog

Horror movie fans may be excited to see the recent trailer release for the upcoming World War Z video game rise from the dead. Entitled “The Zombies are Coming,” Saber Interactive and Focus Home Interactive hope to entice gamers to pre-order the game or pick up the title upon its release on April 16th. So, what are the details? After watching the trailer, a couple of questions arise. While #OutlivetheDead seems to be the ongoing theme, there are massive Zombie herds — or swarms as they’re described on the game’s official webpage. The trailer seems to be mostly cinematic videos Continue Reading